Chemical Industry Vacuum Metallurgy System

Chemical Industry Vacuum Metallurgy System

Roots Pump with H2o (Liquid) Ring Pump Vacuum Technique
one.Ready to be utilised to pump the gases with dust and vapor in the worse situation
two.CZPTer vacuum, wider range of pumping gasoline, increased effectiveness
three.Acceptable framework, substantial trustworthiness &durability
4.Oil saving drinking water conserving, energy saving
5.High automation, simple to use, easy to upkeep
six.Ready to be created as the vacuum technique to pump corrosive fuel as for each ask for

It can be applied to the vacuum drying, vacuum degassing, vacuum concentration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum impregnation process in chemical sector, foods, medication, textile, papermaking, electrical and so on.

Primary Requirements for Roots Pump with Double Stages H2o(Liquid)Ring Pump Vacuum Method

Product Main Pump Backing Pump Ultimate Force (PA) Displacement
Motor Electrical power
Water Ring Oil Ring
JZ2S(Y)seventy five-two ZJ75 2S(Y)K2 three hundred 80 75 one hundred 50
JZ2S(Y)seventy five-1.five ZJ75 2S(Y)K3 300 80 75 one hundred 50
JZ2S(Y)one hundred ten-2 ZJ110 2S(Y)K3 three hundred 80 one hundred ten 100 50
JZ2S(Y)a hundred and fifty-one.5 ZJ150 2S(Y)K6 three hundred eighty one hundred fifty fourteen 100 fifty
JZ2S(Y)220-two ZJ220 2S(Y)K6 300 eighty 220 15 one hundred 50
JZ2S(Y)three hundred-one.5 ZJ300 2S(Y)K12 300 80 300 26 150 80
JZ2S(Y)600-three ZJ600 2S(Y)K12 300 80 600 29.5 two hundred 80
JZ2S(Y)600-one ZJ600 2S(Y)K25 300 80 600 sixty two.5 two hundred 100
JZ2S(Y)1200-3 ZJ1200 2S(Y)K25 300 eighty 1200 66 two hundred a hundred

Major Requirements for Two Roots Pumps with Double Phases Drinking water(Liquid)Ring Pump Vacuum Method

Design Principal Pump Center Pump Backing Pump Ultimate Stress (PA) Displacement
Motor Electricity(kW) Suction
Water Ring Oil Ring
J2Z2S(Y)a hundred and fifty-22 ZJ150 ZJ75 2S(Y)K2 forty one 150 ten.7 one hundred 50
J2Z2S(Y)150-21.five ZJ150 ZJ75 2S(Y)K3 40 1 one hundred fifty 100 fifty
J2Z2S(Y)three hundred-forty two ZJ300 ZJ75 2S(Y)K2 40 1 300 150 50
J2Z2S(Y)300-forty one.five ZJ300 ZJ75 2S(Y)K3 forty one three hundred 13.7 150 fifty
J2Z2S(Y)three hundred-32 ZJ300 ZJ110 2S(Y)K3 forty 1 three hundred 13.7 one hundred fifty 50
J2Z2S(Y)three hundred-21.5 ZJ300 ZJ150 2S(Y)K6 forty one three hundred eighteen a hundred and fifty 50
J2Z2S(Y)600-32 ZJ600 ZJ220 2S(Y)K6 forty one 600 22.five 200 80
J2Z2S(Y)600-21.5 ZJ600 ZJ300 2S(Y)K12 40 one 600 33.5 200 80
J2Z2S(Y)1200-41.5 ZJ1200 ZJ300 2S(Y)K12 40 one 1200 37 250 80
J2Z2S(Y)1200-21.five ZJ1200 ZJ600 2S(Y)K25 forty one 1200 seventy three.5 250 a hundred
J2Z2S(Y)2500-forty one.5 ZJ2500 ZJ600 2S(Y)K25 40 1 2500 eighty four.five three hundred a hundred

Major Specs for A few Roots Pumps with Double Phases Water(Liquid)Ring Pump Vacuum Method

Product Major Pump Middle Pump Center Pump Backing Pump Ultimate Force
Motor Power(kW) Suction
Drinking water Ring Oil Ring
J3Z2S(Y)300-222 ZJ300 ZJ150 ZJ75 2S(Y)K2 1 .five three hundred fourteen.7 one hundred fifty 50
J3Z2S(Y)300-221.5 ZJ300 ZJ150 ZJ75 2S(Y)K3 1 .five three hundred a hundred and fifty fifty
J3Z2S(Y)600-232 ZJ600 ZJ300 ZJ110 2S(Y)K3 1 .five 600 21.two 200 50
J3Z2S(Y)600-221.five ZJ600 ZJ300 ZJ150 2S(Y)K6 1 .five 600 twenty five.5 two hundred fifty
J3Z2S(Y)1200-421.5 ZJ1200 ZJ300 ZJ150 2S(Y)K6 one .five 1200 29 250 50
J3Z2S(Y)1200-232 ZJ1200 ZJ600 ZJ220 2S(Y)K6 1 .five 1200 33.5 250 50
J3Z2S(Y)1200-221.5 ZJ1200 ZJ600 ZJ300 2S(Y)K12 1 .5 1200 forty four.five 250 eighty

Be aware:
one, Inside of the table previously mentioned, the principal pump could be”ZJ”pump, or”ZJP”pump with overflow valveWhen”ZJP”is as the major pump, “Z”ought to be altered to”ZP”, “S”signifies Water Ring Vacuum Pump, even though”Y”does Liquld Ring Vacuum Pump.
two, If Roots Vacuum Pump and Drinking water(Liquid)Ring Pump are operated at 60Hz, the displacement must be elevated to one.2 instances.

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Chemical Industry Vacuum Metallurgy System