Factory Supply Complete Set Swimming Pool Equipment

Factory Supply Complete Set Swimming Pool Equipment

Manufacturing unit source complete set swimming pool equipment 

CZPT Pool CZPT System, Such as:                                                         
CZPT pool filter system—pool sand filter, integrative filter, professional sand filter
CZPT pool circulation system  —pool pump , metal pump
CZPT pool water heater system — pool heater, heater pump
CZPT pool light system  — LED underwater mild, 100W underwater light, 300W underwater mild
CZPT pool  disinfect  system — pool controller with dosing pump,  chlorine feeder, chlorine
CZPT pool cleaning system — brush, leaf skimmer, leaf rake, pole, test package, vacuum head, hose
CZPT fitting accessories — wall inlet, wall skimmer, h2o return, principal drain, grating…
All around pool product — ladder, daily life gaurder chair, manage rail, life buoys..
CZPT pool macth system — starting block, pool lane, lane reel..
Pool therapeutic massage system — influence spa components, wallfall, spa chair, spa mattress..
Bobbinwound fiberglass reinforced tank is still the most popular CZPT in the industry after all. With UV-resistant surface finish,
it is able to operate under prolong sunlight for years of reliability. “P” Series (P400-P1400) filters are equipped with a six-place, 1.five”, 2″ multiport valve and ABS laterals.

 Suggested Installation: Domestic Inground and above ground pool / hot spa tub
· Max operating pressure 36 psi / 2.5 bar
· Max temperature of 43°C (109°F) FEATURES
· CZPT CZPT of union connection provided
· Suggested size of media : 0.five-.8mm

CZPT Information:

Model  NO CZPT  Area(m²) Valve  Connections Max  Flow  Rate Sand(kg)
P400 .thirteen 11/2inch  50mm 108lpm   6.48 m³/h 35
P450 .16 eleven/2inch  50mm 135lpm   8.10 m³/h 45
P500 .22 eleven/2inch  50mm 185lpm  11.10 m³/h eighty five
P650 .32 11/2inch  50mm 260lpm  15.60 m³/h 145
P700 .40 11/2inch  50mm 325lpm  19.50 m³/h 210
P700(B) .41  2.0inch    63mm 336lpm   twenty.16 m³/h  215
P800 .fifty  2.0inch    63mm 415lpm   24.90 m³/h  355
P900   .64  2.0inch    63mm 520lpm   31.20m³/h  470
P900(C) .sixty four two.5inch     75mm 533lpm   32.00 m³/h  470
P1000 .seventy nine two.0inch    63mm  650lpm   39.00m³/h  620
P1000(C)  0.seventy nine 2.5inch     75mm  658lpm    39.50m³/h   620
P1200 one.13   2.0inch    63mm 860lpm    51.6 m³/h  860
P1200(C)  1.thirteen  2.5inch     75mm 941lpm    56.5 m³/h  860

Installation had been made simple, the only tools needed is a screwdriver and pipe sealant for plastic.
Locate the CZPT on hard, level surface, preferably in a dry, shaded, and well-ventilated area. 
one/ Place the empty tank in position.
two/ Fill the tank with water to the level that covers the laterals about 1/3 of the tank is recommended. This will avoid damages to the laterals by the force of the sand when pouring into the filter.

Our swimming pool pump is designed for outdoor pools or domestic pools.It can run quietly with high efficiency.With overload and built-in thermal protection,it’s durable and can use for long time.The waterproof CZPT is IPX5.They’re made of non-corrosive material which is environmental. 

-The soaked finish is made by Higher strength engineering plastic.And connect with Wear-resisting mechanical seal.
-63,71 Body with exclusive plastic base.
-With lower noise CZPT motorsSingle phase motor set up TI thermal protector.
-Motor adopts higher temperature resistant bearing that be lengthy daily life,dependable and resilient.
-Liquid absolutely individual with shaft to preserve more risk-free and trustworthy.
-Air switch/pneumatic change is optional.
-Insulation course F,CZPT IPX5.
-CE,TUV,SAA certification acceptance.
CZPT Characteristics

 Model  Input power
   ( kw )
 Horsepower  Fitting measurement(mm)  Weight(kg)
 STP25  0.18 Pump 0.25hp,220V-240/50Hz  48.5 or 50  6
 STP35  0.twenty five  Pump 0.35hp, 220V-240/50Hz  48.five or 50  6.5
 STP50  0.37 Pump 0.5hp,220V-240/50Hz  48.5 or 50  7
 STP75  0.55 Pump 0.75hp,220V-240/50Hz  48.five or fifty  8.8
 STP100  0.75 Pump 1.0hp,220V-240/50Hz  48.5 or 50  9.five
 STP120  0.nine Pump 1.2hp,220V-240/50Hz    48.5 or fifty  9.8


 Model  Input power
   ( kw )
 Horsepower  Fitting size(mm)  Weight(kg)
 STP150  1.1 Pump 1.5hp,220V-240/50Hz  60.3or63  14
 STP200  1.five  Pump 2.0hp, 220V-240/50Hz  60.3or63  15.five
 STP250  1.85 Pump 2.5hp,220V-240/50Hz  60.3or63  16.5
 STP300  2.2 Pump 3.0hp,220V-240/50Hz  60.3or63  18

brush, vac head, pole, hose…
*swimming pool cleaning equipment 
*Cleaning equipment for pool
*Pool equipment

CZPT fitting accessories — wall inlet, wall skimmer, h2o return, main drain, grating…


Factory Supply Complete Set Swimming Pool Equipment