Fuel Supply Pump of Deutz Diesel Engine 0427-2819

Fuel Supply Pump of Deutz Diesel Engine 0427-2819

 Product Description

 The DEUTZ DIESEL ENGINE CZPT (Aircooled series) includes 912/913/413/513/511, we can supply all the DEUTZ OEM Parts and DEUTZ replacement parts for the above mentioned engine. There is a colosed cooperation relationship between us and the DEUTZ OEM manufactures, which make our cost lower than competitors, the strick products testing &quality control make the quality reliable. In addition, we also supply warranty for all the ENGINE CZPT we supplied. If there is quality problem, we can supply new parts for compensation.  

Main Parts list

Component Group  Spare Parts  Ident. No.  DEUTZ Number 
BLOCK Block 01 fifteen 57139224
  Front Cover 01 152 57135812
  V-Belt Tension Roller 01 250 57136229
  Front Oil Seal 01 a hundred and sixty 57134133
  Clinder Sleeve 04 1 57131924
  Adjustment  Gasket 04 3 57137256
  Gear  05 8 03362737
  Crankshaft Assy 05   57166932
  Crankshaft 05   57136934
  Ring Gear 05 fifty six 57131081
  Flywheel (With Ring Gear) 05 57 57160705
  Flywheel  05   57140165
  Connecting Rod 06 one ‘5713571
  Connecting Rod 06 one ‘57130465
  Connecting Rod 06 one ‘57132059
Connecting Rod Connecting Rod Bushing  06 3 03371612
  Connecting RodAssy 06 1 57101119
  Connecting RodAssy 06 1 57132060
  Piston  07 one 57133365
Piston & Piston Ring Piston  Pin 07 two 03371660
Cylinder  Head Cylinder  Head 08 twelve 57137310
  Intake Valve  08 29 57137457
  Exhaust Valve  08 thirty 57132717
  Cylinder  Head  Bolt 08 33 57101681
  Camshaft complete ten one 57137336
  Rocker Arm eleven twelve 5713571
  Tappet 11 seventeen 03371885
  Push Rod eleven 18 03371836
   Valve Rocker Arm Seat eleven 9 03371867
  Lube Oil Pump fourteen one 57130385
  Oil CZPT fifteen   57132147
  Oil CZPT Braket 15 26 57132100
  Injection Pump 17 twelve 5716332
  Fuel Pump Piston-type 17 37 03363174
Fuel Pump Fuel Pump (Diaphram Type) 17 seventeen 57134511
Injection Pump Injection Advance Device eighteen 2 57130840
  Injectior Assy 19 6 57133291
Injector Injectior Assy 19 1 57133272
  Fuel CZPT twenty one 01165713
  Air Cleaner With Paper Core 22 two 5714 0571
  CZPT Cartridge 22 3 57141034
  Oil Bath Air Cleaner (Open in sides) 22 five 57157137
  CZPT Air Blower Assy 39 fourteen 57135462
CZPT Air Blower CZPTn Wheel 39 two 57135067
  Narrow  V-Belt (2×9.5×1325) 39 fifteen 57135714
CZPTter CZPTter (B22R24V*four.8KW) forty four 5 01163626
Alternator Alternator  (J3RL14V*33A) forty four 41 01171617
  Alternator  (E33RL28V*27A) 44 forty one 01172650
  ElasticSupport (Steel Plate Welded) forty six 2 57147341


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Fuel Supply Pump of Deutz Diesel Engine 0427-2819