Plate Frame Pressure Oil Purifier  , Mobile Type Oil Filter Machine

Plate Frame Pressure Oil Purifier  , Mobile Type Oil Filter Machine

LY Series Plate Body Strain Oil Purifier is specially made for purifying different industry oil,
efficiently remove h2o and mechanical impurities from oil, boost oil quality and make sure protection procedure of industrial gear.

This equipment can be broadly used in the industries such as electricity station, electrical power manufacturing facility,electrical power electrical substation of industrial and mineral company, lube oil depot, tractor station, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, nationwide protection device, and so forth, filtering drinking water and impurities of transformer oil, turbine oil, engine oil, EP gear oil, equipment oil, diesel oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, aviation hydraulic oil, as well as edible oil although making use of stainless steel plates and body. It is also a fantastic option for pre-treatment method, prior to substantial vacuum oil purifier machine.

This device is composed of filtering mattress, oil pump and primary filter. This device use filter paper, filter fuse or filter cloth as filtration media, which are installed and set amongst the filter plate and filter frame.
The filter paper, filter fuse or filter fabric plays a really important role of filtering.

When you run the battening system, there will sort a single independent filtering room underneath the strain of the packing system, then the drinking water content material and impurities are taken off by filter media.


1. Straightforward framework, plate strain type filtering method, filter paper,filter fuse or filter cloth as filter media.
2. No heating, the additives in the oil are properly prevented from degradation or deterioration.
3. Simple to operate, with easy construction, tiny quantity, mild bodyweight, easy to carry and work.
3. Low procedure value, reduced routine maintenance time and price
four. Unique boosting kind oil pump has sturdy suction capacity and make the equipment to be utilized in far more oil sorts.
five. Low sound, fast and handy to exchange the filter paper.
6. High effectiveness, can properly purify the very small and wonderful mechanical impurity from oil.

Working Principle

It will take the filter paper as the filter factor, the waste oil is injected into the machine underneath higher oil pressure, which made by the oil pump. The impurity is keep up by the superimposed filter paper.
When the price of oil force extra to a environment price or the filter paper is soaked, we just require to change the new filter paper, then it can operate typically. 

CZPTing paper (The filtration precision CZPT)

Specialized Data

MCZPTL LY-30 LY-fifty LY-100 LY-125 LY-150 LY-200 LY-250 LY-three hundred
Movement Rate L/Min 30 fifty a hundred 125 a hundred and fifty two hundred 250 300
CZPT Size ≥Mtwo .three .39 one.3 one.fifty four 1.89 two. 2.five 3.
Working Stress MPa – .5
Board Frame Dimensions MM 180×180 280×280
Pressing Way Handbook CZPT  
CZPT Frame Amount 10 11 12 13 14 17 eighteen 23
CZPT Plate Amount 11 twelve thirteen 14 15 eighteen 19 24
CZPT Paper Measurement MM 185×190 285×290
Gear Oil Pump Movement L/Min >30 >50 >100 >125 >150 >200 >250 >300
Protected Pressure Mpa .six
Electricity CZPT 380V,3Phase,50hz
Viscosity(MM2/S)                              ≤46
Sound dB(A)                              ≤55
CZPT CZPT  ≤1 – three µm
Power KW .75 1.1 2.2 two.two two.two three 3 five.5
Inlet Diameter MM 25 twenty five 32 32 32 forty 40 fifty
Outlet Diameter MM twenty five 25 32 32 32 40 forty fifty
CZPT Duration MM seven-hundred 750 900 950 1000 1100 1200 1300
CZPT Width MM three hundred 300 three hundred four hundred 440 440 440 440
CZPT Top MM 720 840 840 840 840 1000 one thousand one thousand
CZPT Bodyweight KG seventy six 86 130 a hundred and fifty 180 210 230 280

Be aware: The knowledge is for your reference only, the actual machine is the CZPT.


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Associated CZPT:

one.ZY series for purify the insulating oil (for less than 110kv transforer oil purification or other insulating products oil)
2. ZYB sequence for purify and regenerate the insulating oil (for less than 110kv transformer oil purification and regeneration)
3. ZYD series for purify the insulating oil with a roots pump (for more than 110kv transformer oil purification)
four. ZYD-I sequence for purify and regenerate the insulating oil (for high voltage insulating gear oil purification and regeneration)

For lubricating/turbine oil purification and regeneration
one.TY series for purify the turbine oil (Largely on dehydration, demulsification)
2.TYA series for purify the normal lubricating oil
3.TYC sequence for purify and regenerate the regular lubricating oil

TYB series without having Vacuum program (offer with the dirty oil which can not be heated, and for the light oil)

LY sequence plate strain oil purifier (eliminate the particals from the oil, can purify the vegetable oil when use SS content)

JL transportable oil purifier ( it’s financial with three-stage purification. get rid of impurities from the filthy oil, very best for oil filling and oil drawing)

BOD sequence oil purifier ( purify the filthy black oil to normal coloration, over 90% oil yield)

BDV tester for insulating oil

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CZPT by Sea, Air or Practice etc.

Normal Export CZPT Circumstance

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Plate Frame Pressure Oil Purifier  , Mobile Type Oil Filter Machine