Rotary Vacuum Drying Machine for Drying Amino Acid Fermented Liquid

Rotary Vacuum Drying Machine for Drying Amino Acid Fermented Liquid

Doing work Basic principle
It is an innovation horizontal batch-sort vacuum dryer. The moister of damp material will be evaporated by heat transmission. The stirrer with squeegee will eliminate material on scorching surface and transfer in the container to form cycle stream .The evaporated moisture will be pumped by vacuum pump.


Becoming tailored the massive spot heating way, its heat conducting location is large and its heat efficiency is substantial.
Becoming put in stirring in the device, it can make uncooked materials in cylinder type the point out of continuous circle inside the cylinder, so the uniformity to be heated of uncooked substance is elevated significantly .
Getting installed stirring in the device, pulp inese, paste-like combination or powder uncooked components can be dried effortless.

Mixing blade/ rake

Substance to be dried
The pursuing uncooked components from pharmaceutical market , foodstuff sector, chemical sector and so on can be dried.
Appropriate for pulpiness, paste-like combination or powder raw material.
Thermal delicate uncooked substance obtaining the necessity to dry at decrease temperature.
Uncooked resources that are easy to oxidize or explode and have robust irritative or toxic.
Uncooked components that require to recuperate solvent.

CZPT Parameter

Merchandise Product
Identify unit ZPG-five hundred ZPG-750 ZPG-one thousand ZPG-1500 ZPG-2000 ZPG-3000
Operating volume L 300 450 600 900 1200 1800
Heating region sqm 6 7.six 9.3 12.3 14.six 19.three
stirring revolution rpm 6-30stepless variable
Power kw 4 5.5 five.five seven.five 11 fifteen
Style pressure of Jacket (Sizzling drinking water) MPa <0.3
Vacuum in the cylinder MPa -.09-.096

Observe:The evaporated volume of drinking water its connected te attributes of raw supplies and the temperature of air in and air out.When the temperature of air out is 90degree, the evaporated curve of moisture is detailed in over Fig(for reference when select the Design).With renew procucts unceasingly,the related parameters will be exchanged,it does not announce in advance,pardon!

Rotary Vacuum Drying Machine for Drying Amino Acid Fermented Liquid