Wcb Portable Viscosity Pump

Wcb Portable Viscosity Pump

WCB Modest Gear Pump/Moveable Gear Pump Equipment pumps are the miniature moveable strength low stress gas pump, ideal suited for electricity offer units sold barrels oil transfer, also applies to refineries, power plants, substations and oil depots oil. Skinny oil lubrication method the dilute oil Governance for thin oil transporter.: Conveying lubricating oils, drinks, low corrosive water, you should use the general stainless metal equipment pump.

WCB moveable equipment oil pump/modest oil transfer pumpcapacity will viscosity of 1-eight ° E cleanse neutral oil (eg: Oil, kerosene, diesel and other mineral and vegetable oils) transported from one container to another container. It can enhance work efficiency, lessen labor intensity, for that reason, appropriate for business, industrial, agricultural and other industries for use of the oil.

Solution Attributes:
one, hassle-free routine maintenance, reliable overall performance.
2, lengthy services lifestyle, easy visual appeal.
three, the structure is advanced and sensible global CZPTs.
four. Conveying liquid not made up of solid particles.
5, the delivery temperature of not larger than 70 ° C.

CZPT parameters:
Overall performance:
Circulation assortment: thirty ~ 75L/min
Conveying peak: 30m
Motor power: .37kw ~ .75kw

Observe: If you have particular specifications, remember to contact our technical personnel!

Model importance:
Illustration: WCB-30P
W——- miniature
CB ———– gear pump
thirty———– flow (30 L / min)
P ——— Material: CZPT Metal

Product No.   Capability
  Motor Electricity
  Energy Supply
  WCB30                 30         30             17                   370                   220
  WCB50                 50         30             19                   550                   220
  WCB75                 75         30               21                   750                   220
  WCB30P                 thirty         thirty             17                   370                   220
  WCB50P                 50         30             19                   550                   220
  WCB75P               seventy five         thirty             21                   750                   220

Business Information:
ZHangZhoug CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is one of the foremost manufacturers and exporters in the discipline of sector pumps with manufacturing amenities in mainland China. We are specialised in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel motor pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and many others.

Wcb Portable Viscosity Pump