Carbonated Drink CO2 Mixer Soft Drinks Beverage Gas Mixing Machine

Carbonated Drink CO2 Mixer   Soft Drinks Beverage Gas Mixing Machine

Automated CARBONATED Drink MIXER  

CZPT description:

QHS sequence consume mixer is made and produced for improving the proportion of h2o, syrup and carbonated dioxide. It adopts overseas innovative technological innovation-static mixer to lighten drinking water layer, enhance carbonizing time, make sure mixing performance. Adopt carbon dioxide back stream deoxygenation, which can conserve carbon dioxide and deoxidize. Large good quality h2o pump and SEIMENS electrical equipment and other components make up a comprehensive automated control technique. It has coordinating action, gorgeous look, hassle-free washing, large computerized amount and other advantages. It is ideal for mixing all types of bottle, such as soda water, fruit juice, cola and other comfortable and challenging drinks.


Primary features:
1.CZPT with Alarm:The pressure in all tank and the liquid stage of the machine are all managed immediately with PLC.After a mistake happens,the alarm lamp will mild and the alarm ring will sound and the mixer will stop automatically.
2.Straightforward procedure and regulation:The procedure of the mixer is especially convenient.Only turn around the buttons according to the pre-established system,the standard procedure can be carried out.The creation potential,h2o-sugar proportion and fuel content material can be modified without exchanging and areas.
3.Even mixing and exact proportion:One particular time mixing approach is adopted,so the combination is even.The mixing proportion of water and sugar is strictly managed with measuring needle valve with wonderful regulation.Its precision can reach about five%.
4.Sufficient gasoline content:The mixer adopts vacuum desoxidation engineering at normal temperature.Its desoxidation ratio reaches over 90%.It has a baffle heat exchanger to great the sugar-h2o mixture and have out 2 times carbonating,So its carbon material is particularly high.


CZPT Composition and Functioning Procedure
(one). CO2 tank, syrup tank, liquid amount system, static mixing device, tank, electrical managing technique, air providing tank, and necessary making pipe and cleaning pipe which includes ball valve, magnetism valve, verify valve are composed this machine. (See photograph one: major framework)
(two). Primary operating Procedure
a. CZPT water→multi-quality pump→oxygenating CO2→volume management
b. CZPT syrup→multi-grade pump→syrup tank→volume management
(a and b → multi-quality pump→static mixing device→
c. CO2 air resource→filter and force reducing→ tank→filling machine

Main Technicial Parameters

Relevant CZPT

CZPTated Consume/Soda H2o Filling CZPT



Carbonated Drink CO2 Mixer   Soft Drinks Beverage Gas Mixing Machine