Double Piston Large Capacity Continuous Screen Changer for Hot Melt Adhesive Production Machine

Double Piston Large Capacity Continuous Screen Changer for Hot Melt Adhesive Production Machine

This GM-DP-L series  continuous screen changer/ melt filter is consist of

  • The principal body of the display screen changer
  •  CZPT unit 
  • CZPTtrical controlling pack(this component is optional option by consumers)

This GM-DP-L series double piston large potential ongoing display screen changer for scorching melt adhesive production machine is created based on GM-DP-R series dual rods ongoing display changer ,  this variety of steady display changer enlarge the filtration location by  instead  the spherical breaker plates as the rods full of holes, and the filter monitor is wrapped on the rods. And this sort of ongoing display changer now is widely utilized for the very hot melt adhesive, large output plastic recycling device.


Qualities of  GM-DP-L series constant  screen changer/melt filter

  • The filter monitor is wrapped on every single slide bearing bars  full of little holes-the same perform as the breaker plates
  • “Continuous variety” implies procedure of display screen adjust with no machine halt or disruption of melt stream.
  • Equiped with air venting program
  • Fit for virtually all types of polymers
  • It operates nicely beneath the substantial pressure 400bar(40Mpa) not effect the high overall performance.
  • The filtration display location addresses from 400cm² to 2500cm², depending on the dimensions, match for output assortment from 100kg/h to 4800kg/h.

Item show 


Benifits of this kind of double piston variety continuous display screen changer with big ability for plastic extruder

  • Steady operation
  • Leak-free mould of operation
  • Large filtration area fulfill the large output extrusion machine
  • CZPT layout adapters
  • venting groove discharge the gas combined in the polymer soften
  • Simply controll by a effortless operated management handle
  • Affordable price tag and proved engineering

Primary software fields

  • Especial for the substantial generate device
  • Sheet (Foam/Strapping/CZPT cardboard)
  • Coating (Hot melt adhesive)
  • Pipe ( Corrugated/Gas Pipe) and profile
  • Compounding (Master batch/filler)
  • Wire and cable extrusion
  • Tubing (CZPT/CZPT/Irrigation)
  • Fibers ( Monofilament/non-woven materials)
  • Pelletizing (strands and h2o-ring pelletizing)
  • Recycling of most polymers

Software circumstances present


Inner packing: bubble wrap film protection

outer packing:wood case

The cargo can be deliverd by sea or by air as the customers’ ask for.

Optional option

  • Adpters
  • help stands
  • down stream equipments: suach as CZPT melt gear pump
  • filter mesh/screen
  • vacuum cleansing furnace

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Screen D&A
O verall dimension
Heating power
S creen diamension
   L*W      (mm)
CZPT area
L W H L1
G M -DP-L-a hundred 251×80 200×2 220 200 320 810 three.5/ 450-1200
G M -DP-L-a hundred and twenty 314×100 314×2 250 220 360 970 5./7.2 800-1800
GM -DP-L-a hundred and fifty five 408×130 530×2 320 270 450 1100 8.2/eleven.1 one thousand-2600
G M -DP-L-a hundred seventy five 471×180 846×2 370 310 480 1320 9.4/ 2300-4400
G M -DP-L-195 533×190 1012×2 400 380 550 1470 10.2/thirteen.eight 2900-6000
G M -DP-L-220 596×200 1192×2 440 410 590 1620 13/seventeen.five 3900-ten thousand
Remark: The output rates depend on the individual  extrusion  process parameters.

Double Piston Large Capacity Continuous Screen Changer for Hot Melt Adhesive Production Machine