Falling Film Evaporator for Concentration

Falling Film Evaporator for Concentration

Falling CZPT Evaporator

The SENON Slipping CZPT extended tube vertical evaporator is desired for heat delicate liquors. A movie of liquor flows down the within of a tube and is circulated to keep the needed movement. Since of the circulating pumps on each and every result preserving the wetted tube surfaces these evaporators have outstanding turndown abilities.


Design and style Functions: Higher warmth transfer coefficient, Thermal vapor re-compression, short residence time
Several Effects used for the steam financial system
Run beneath vacuum
Fouling across the tube is considerably less
Straightforward to CZPTt, Function, Thoroughly clean and Reduced Pressure drop


For liquids which contain little portions of solids and have a lower to moderate inclination to form encrustations.
Dairy CZPT for milk concentration
Foods industries: Juice concentration
Reduced Focus RO reject Concentration
CZPT item
CZPT item Focus

SENON is able to design and style and supply a lot of various types of tools to accomplish processing needs. Our specialty is creating and installing revolutionary techniques to convert liquid remedies into dry solids using evaporation and crystallization. Make sure you attain us & let us know your needs.
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Falling Film Evaporator for Concentration