SSR150 Blower for Waste Water Aeration for Shop and Industrial

SSR150 Blower for Waste Water Aeration for Shop and Industrial


Bore   fifty-two hundred
Suction-period Air Volume(m3/min)   .seventy eight-60
Discharge Pressure(kPa)   9.eight-fifty eight.8


Bore   50-200
Suction-phase Air Volume(m3/min)   .86-58.sixty five
Discharge Strain(kPa)   —  -39.2


Bore   50-250
Suction-period Air Volume(m3/min)   1.24-90
Discharge Stress(kPa)   nine.8-seventy eight.four


Bore   fifty-250
Suction-period Air Volume(m3/min)   .86-87.3
Discharge Force(kPa)   —  -44

Major Technical specs of Variety SSR-HB
Bore50 to 250A
Air Potential .eight-80m3/min
Motor Power0.seventy five-110kw

Common Accessories
Common Base
V-belt Protect
Blower Pulley, Motor Pulley
Suction Silencer(With Air CZPT)
Basic safety Valve
Pressure Gauge
Lubricating Oil
Type SSR-HB performance

The functionality tables give the design amount, bore, r. P. M., discharge force, air ability and essential electricity of the blower.

1 The air ability in the tables is indicated in the CZPT suction condition. The CZPT suction point out herein pointed out is defined as the problem at 20oC temperature, 1.0332kgf/cm2 one hundred and one.3kPa absolute stress and sixty five% relative humidity.

2 The reference air ability(0oC temperature and one.0332kgf/cm2 one zero one.3kPa absolute strain is usually indicated in ) Nm3/min.
Nevertheless, it may be transformed into the CZPT air ability by the adhering to equation, if the suction stress is equivalent,
QS=QN× 1.571
In which QsStandard air capability And
QN: Reference air capacity

3 The discharge air ability can be converted into the CZPT air ability by the subsequent equation.
QsQd× [(one.0332+Pd)/1.0332]× (273+ts)/(273+td)
Where Qd: Discharge air ability, inm3/min
Pddischarge strain, inkgf/cm²
Ts: Suction temperature, inº C
Tddischarge temperature, inº C

4 In accordance to the air capacity and discharge pressure as calculated abov e, the product variety, bore, r. P. M. And necessary energy can be identified in the functionality desk.

5 The motor powers are indicated by color marking, and the motor powers to be employed must be that indicated.

six The option is overlapped based upon the type of blower, For reference, nevertheless, variety should be lower variety blowers for the economy and larger amount blowers for the sound stage.

SSR150 Blower for Waste Water Aeration for Shop and Industrial