Stainless Steel Vacuum Drying Machine with PLC Control

Stainless Steel Vacuum Drying Machine with PLC Control


FZG collection vacuum drying oven is specifically created for drying supplies that are warmth-delicate, easily decomposable and very easily oxidizable. It can be stuffed with inert gasoline in the chamber and hold the vacuum at a certain degree inside of in the course of functioning. FZG vacuum dryer has a huge advantage specifically for dry some resources with complex elements in brief time when compared with traditional dryer, because it heats and dries the materials beneath vacuum situations. It utilizes a vacuum pump for pumping and dehumidifying, which creates a vacuum in the functioning chamber, lowers the boiling position of drinking water, and speeds up drying.


1.Simply control:
Controlled by PLC programming, externally outfitted with a observation window, you can observe the whole procedure of drying.

two.A few heating resource as option
The heating resource can be pick as electrical, steam, water circulating as for every consumers prerequisite.

three.Complete enclosed framework with 304 stainless steel material

4.Productive warmth delicate
  Developed for drying heat-sensitive, very easily decomposable and oxidizable resources, the vacuum oven can flush inert gases into the interior, specially for complicated materials.

five.Properly-recognized electrical components
  All electrical factors of the electronic control technique are properly-recognized brands, smart electronic screen temperature management desk, practical to accurately modify the established temperature, automatic continual temperature.

six.Uniform heating

7.In accordance with GMP CZPT and basic safety function

8.Reduced drying temperature than CZPT dryers

Broad apps

Vacuum tray drying oven is widely used in analysis fields this sort of as biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, health-related and overall health, agricultural analysis, environmental safety, etc., for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of numerous glass containers. It is specially suited for fast and effective drying of heat delicate, very easily decomposable, oxidizable substances and intricate components.

Solution product FZG-thirty
Main entire body total dimensions(w*l*h) 1860×1750×1850mm
Chamber size(w*l*h)
Trolley dimensions(w*l*h)
Baking tray dimension
Baking layer
Place in between two levels
Tray variety
Heating power
Pressure MPa
Vacuum with no load
Vacumm pump
Thermal oil
Heating technique
Thermal oil or scorching water circulation


Stainless Steel Vacuum Drying Machine with PLC Control